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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

    Organizing Committee

    Organizing Committee

    ATIO Organizing Committee

    MAO Organizing Committee

    12th AIAA Aviation Technology, Integration, and Operations (ATIO) Conference

    Technical Program Chairs

    Peter Hollingsworth
    University of Manchester

    Kapil Sheth
    NASA Ames Research Center

    Theme Chair

    Danielle Soban
    Queen’s University Belfast

    ATIO Technical Program Committee
    Aircraft Design Technical Committee

    Dennis Carter
    Air Force Research Laboratory

    William Crossley
    Purdue University

    Gil Crouse
    Auburn University

    Aircraft Operations Technical Committee

    Brian Baxley
    NASA Langley Research Center

    Parimal Kopardekar
    NASA Ames Research Center

    Air Transportation Systems Technical Committee

    Dave Maroney
    MITRE Corporation

    Joseph Post
    Federal Aviation Administration

    Kapil Sheth
    NASA Ames Research Center

    Economics Technical Committee

    Richard Curran
    Delft University of Technology

    General Aviation Technical Committee

    Mark Moore
    NASA Langley Research Center

    Technical Activities Committee

    Satish Mohleji

    Value Driven Design Program Committee

    Paul Collopy
    University of Alabama, Huntsville


    14th AIAA/ISSMO Multidisciplinary Analysis and Optimization Conference


    General Chair

    James Chrissis
    Air Force Institute of Technology

    Technical Program Chair

    Christopher Mattson
    Brigham Young University

    International Organizing Committee
    International Chair (ISSMO)

    Vassili Toropov
    University of Leeds

    International Chair (Asia)

    Masao Arakawa
    Kagawa University

    International Chair (South America)

    Silvana Maria Bastos Afonso da Silva
    Federal University of Pernambuco

    Student Paper Competition Chair

    H. Alicia Kim
    University of Bath