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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

    Course Outline


    Course Outline 

      Course Introduction
    • Ground testing overview

      Test Processes (R-092)
    • The 7 Keys to Successful Testing
    • Pretest planning and preparation
    • Model development and fabrication
    • Pretest buildup and preparation
    • Testing
    • Post Test Activities

      Measurement Uncertainty for Ground Testing Applications (S-071A)
    • Standards
    • Statistical Primer
    • Uncertainty Methodology
    • Uncertainty Applications

      Calibration and Use of Internal Strain Gage Balances (R-091)
    • Balance Technology
    • Concepts
    • Force/moment; axis systems, etc.
    • Balance calibration
    • Use and troubleshooting

      Wind Tunnel Calibration (R-093)
    • Overview of wind tunnel calibration
    • Requirements and objections
    • Types of calibrations
    • Calibration and flow quality measurements
    • Planning, execution and documentation
    • Tunnel calibration examples

      Class wrap-up