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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

    Special Activities

    Networking Opportunities

    Opening Reception

    The opening reception will be held Sunday, 29 July 2012, 1830–2000 hrs, in the exhibit hall. The cost is included in the registration fee where indicated. Additional tickets may be purchased upon registration or at the on-site registration desk, while supplies last.



    Young Professional Networking Reception
    JPC YP 2012 The AIAA Young Professional Committee is hosting a networking reception for early career professionals on Monday, 30 July 2012, from 1730 – 1900 hrs, in the Centennial III room at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta. This is a great opportunity for young professionals age 35 and under to meet and make new contacts. Join the AIAA Young Professional Committee for light hors d’oeuvres, drinks, and relaxed socializing.  


    Delta Museum Tour

    Tuesday 31 July
    Buses will depart at 0830
    The Museum's collections and facilities include: The Spirit of Delta, Delta’s first 767. Bought by employees, retirees, and friends and donated to Delta in 1982. The Archives maintains over 200,000 images, 1,000 films, and one of the world's largest airline uniform collections in a museum; Replica of the first Delta station in Monroe, Louisiana; An 800-square-foot museum shop, housed in a redesigned section of the hull of the first L-1011 ever built. Tickets are $15, include transportation, and available on a first come first serve basis. Limit 50. 

    Committee Meetings

    AIAA committees provide incredible opportunities for networking, building your resume, and professional development. Scores of committees and subcommittees meet at JPC. Stop in to see how you can participate. Click here for a complete list (as of June 26th) of committee meetings.

    Networking Coffee Breaks

    Networking coffee breaks for all attendees will take place in the exhibit hall. Times are designated in the program. Coffee and other beverages will be served.


    Tuesday IECEC Awards Luncheon and Wednesday JPC Awards Luncheon.
    For those registration types that include the Award Luncheon tickets, those registrants that selected IECEC as their primary conference receive the Tuesday IECEC Awards Luncheon ticket and those that selected JPC as their primary conference will receive the Wednesday JPC Awards Luncheon ticket. Tickets are not exchangeable or refundable. The cost is included in the registration fee where indicated. Additional tickets may be purchased upon registration or at the on-site registration desk while supplies last.

    Awards Presentation

    The following AIAA awards are scheduled to be presented:

    IECEC Awards Luncheon, Tuesday, 31 July


    • Aerospace Power Systems Award
    • Energy Systems Award

    JPC Awards Luncheon, Wednesday, 1 August

    • Air Breathing Propulsion Award
    • Ground Testing Award
    • Engineer of the Year Award
    • Propellants and Combustion Award
    • Sustained Service Award
    • Wyld Propulsion Award 


    Lockheed Martin Facility Tour

    Wednesday 1 August
    Busses will depart at 0830.
    The tour will be conducted at the Lockheed Martin Marietta facility, home of the C-130J Super Hercules advanced tactical aircraft production line and our C-5 Super Galaxy modernization production line. The visitors will get to see both production lines. Additionally, the visitors will get an over view of the site history and also see the F35 JSF mid fuselage and P-3 wing production areas. Tickets are $15, include transportation, and available on a first come first serve basis. Limit 50.

    For more information contact Chris at



    Engineers as Educators Workshop

    Wednesday, 1 August 2012, 1900-2200 hrs

    Do you want to interact with K-12 students?
    Do you want to share your passion and inspire others?
    Are you at a loss for where to start?

    This workshop will arm you with the tools, tips and tricks to entrance your audience in a grade level appropriate fashion by creating presentations and activities that will demonstrate the real-world applications of math and science taught in the classroom.

    You will learn how to construct presentations, use simple activities to demonstrate the engineering design process and scientific method, and learn how to approach an educator to share your experiences with their students.
    For more information, contact Lisa Bacon at


    Frontier of Propulsion Science Information Session and Author Signing

    Information Session – Presentation Stage

    Tuesday, 7/31 0915-0930 hrs
    Exhibit Hall

    Author Signing – AIAA Bookstore

    Tuesday, 7/31 0930-1000 hrs
    Exhibit Hall

    Come listen to Frontier of Propulsion Science authors Eric Davis and Marc Millis talk about their book at the Presentation Stage in the Exhibit Hall on Tuesday from 0915 to 0930. Then afterwards come by the AIAA Bookstore also in the in the Exhibit Hall from 0930-1000 to have your copy of Frontier of Propulsion Science signed by the authors.
    Frontier of Propulsion Science will be on sale for $90.97 (org. $129.95) at the AIAA Bookstore.

    AIAA Bookstore

    Stop by the AIAA Bookstore in the Exhibit Hall to browse and purchase specially selected titles for the Fluid Dynamic conference. Also featured will be the entire 2012 AIAA Book of Month collection at their special month prices. Lastly, the title Advanced Propulsion Systems and Technologies, Today to 2020; Claudio Bruno and Antonio Accettura, has been selected as the conference book of JPC/IECEC and is on sale for $71.47 (org. $109.95).



    The 48th AIAA/ASME/SAE/ASEE Joint Propulsion Conference and Exhibit will feature an impressive exhibit showcasing leading industry products and services relating to air breathing, liquid, solid, nuclear, electric, and other forms of propulsion for aerospace.


    Accompanying Persons Program

    Accompanying persons are invited to meet on Monday, 30 July 2012, at 1000 hrs, at the Hyatt Regency Atlanta. Information about local attractions, activities, tours, shows, and restaurants will be available. Coffee and tea will be served.



    Monday, 30 July
    Joint Opening Keynote
    0800–0900 hrs
    Robert Lightfoot, Center Director, NASA Marshall Space Flight Center
    TBD - Overview of NASA major program thrusts and Technology Development Opportunities

    1000–1200 hrs
    NASA MSFC National Institute for Rocket Propulsion Systems
    Moderator: Dr. Dale Thomas

    1000–1200 hrs
    Shuttle Space Transportation Replacement Options and Progress 
    Chaired by: Paul M. Anderson, Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company, Denver, Colorado The safe return of Space Shuttle Atlantis on July 21, 2011 marked the end of nearly 30 years of near-continuous American space exploration and achievements. Although this milestone marked the end of the Shuttle era, the future of American human spaceflight is far from bleak. In April, 2011, NASA awarded contracts to four commercial companies to continue development of commercial rockets and spacecraft capable of safely flying astronauts into orbit and to the International Space Station. In addition, NASA is making steady progress on building the Orion spacecraft, which is being designed to take astronauts deeper into space than ever before. The purpose of this session is to present the progress that is being made on several of these options, including highlighting the key technical drivers, achievements, and challenges that each are facing as America heads into its next era of human spaceflight.

    1300–1400 hrs
    David Thompson, CEO Orbital Sciences Corp. (Confirmed)
    TBD: Commercial Space: Past, Present, and Future

    1400–1600 hrs

    Commercial Space Development Panel
    Michael Griffin
    AIAA President-Elect
    Former NASA Administrator

    Lisa Matthews
    Sierra Nevada
    Business Development Director
    Propulsion, Space Systems Group

    Brett Alexander
    Blue Origin, LLC
    Director, Business Development & Strategy

    Charles Precourt
    Vice President & General Manager, Space Launch Division

    Frank Culbertson
    Orbital Sciences
    Senior Vice President and Deputy General Manager, Human Spaceflight Systems

    Adam Harris
    Vice President, Government Sales

    George Sowers
    Vice President, Business Development

    John Mulholland
    The Boeing Company
    Vice President & Program Manager, Commercial Programs, Space Exploration

    1400–1600 hrs
    Micro/Nano Thermal Management Technology for Aerospace, Energy, and Environment
    The micro/nano-scale thermal management technologies in this panel session include, but are not limited to, heat and mass transport issues in the following materials, components or systems: carbon nanotube, high temperature nanofibers, ceramics, aerogel insulation, thermal energy storage, microcooler, nanopropellants, propulsion systems, in-space propulsion, solar-electrical conversion, solar-fuel conversion, thermoelectric energy conversion, magnetocaloric energy conversion, pyroelectric energy conversion, piezoelectric energy conversion, electrochemical energy conversion and storage, chip scale spot cooling and waste heat recovery. A panel of experts will discuss the emerging micro/nano-scale thermal management technologies for aerospace, energy and environment, and offer their vision for the future of these technologies. Focus will be placed on challenges and opportunities. Speakers: Timothy Johnson, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN; Rama Venkatasubramanian, RTI International, Research Triangle Park, NC; Theodorian Borca-Tasciuc, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY; Gerald Mahan, Pennsylvania State University, State College, PA.

    1630–1830 hrs
    Next Steps in Hypersonics- Turning Research into Reality
    Moderator: Dr. Mark Lewis, University of Maryland

    1630–1830 hrs
    Combustion Characteristics of High Hydrogen Content Fuels
    High Hydrogen Content (HHC) Fuels impose significant combustor design challenges due to their different flame behavior and working fluid characteristics as compared with natural gas. The panel session summarizes HHC fuel issues in the context of robust, reliable, low-emission, and fuel flexible combustor technology development.

    Tuesday, 31 July

    0800–0900 hrs
    David Garrison, Managing Director, Engine and Component Maintenance for Delta Tech Ops
    TBD - Current and Future Airline Propulsion Challenges

    0800–0900 hrs
    IECEC Keynote – Aerospace Capabilities Applied To Solving Terrestrial Energy Problems ... A University View
    Speaker: Ronald Sega Vice President of Energy and Environment, Institute of Energy and Environment, The Ohio State University

    1000–1200 hrs
    Challenges for Future Commercial Aircraft Propulsion
    Moderator: Rubén Del Rosario, NASA FAP/SFW Project Manager

    1000–1200 hrs
    Solar Assisted Absorption and Desiccant Cooling Technologies for Air Conditioning in Sunny Countries 
    Air conditioning contributes a major consumption of electricity in many parts of the world, especially in sunny countries. As the demand for air conditioning increases, the electricity demand increases. Solar assisted absorption or desiccant cooling is a sustainable solution. It reduces the demand for electricity. A panel of experts will present their view on solar assisted absorption and desiccant cooling technologies. They will focus on challenges and opportunities.

    1300–1500 hrs
    Advanced Aircraft Propulsion Technology
    Moderator: James Kenyon, OSD

    1600–1800 hrs
    Challenges for future rotorcraft propulsion
    Moderator: Susan Gorton, NASA LaRC, Project Manager, Subsonic Rotary Wing

    1600–1830 hrs
    The Future of Smart Grid in the United States and Abroad
    Robust and Resilient System Design Approaches for Next Generation Terrestrial Nuclear Energy Systems
    The Smart Grid has become a critical agenda item around the globe. The speakers will present their views on the future of Smart Grid in the United States and abroad. They will focus on opportunities and challenges.

    Wednesday, 1 August

    0800–0900 hrs
    JPC Keynote
    Dr. Wes Harris, MIT
    TBD - Related to State of Aeronautical Research

    0800–0900 hrs
    IECEC Keynote – “Aerospace Capabilities Applied to Solving Terrestrial Energy Problems...An Aerospace Industry View”
    Speaker: David Parekh, Vice President of Research, Director, United Technologies Research Center

    0930–1200 hrs
    Clipped Wings: Assessing U.S. Aeronautical Flight Research
    Moderator: Rich Christiansen
    Panelists: Dr. Victor Lebacqz, Rich Christiansen, Doug Bowers (AFRL), Navy, Airframer, Dale Carlson (GE)

    0930–1200 hrs
    The Latest Advances in Radioisotope Power Systems – A Mission Perspective
    Panelists will present their perspectives on Radioisotope Power Systems, including MMRTG, ASRG and RTG, on Mars Science Lab, New Horizons, and ASRG missions. 

    1200–1400 hrs
    Awards Luncheon
    Speaker: Raymond Burick, VP of P3-S3 Programs
    20 minute overview of LM Marietta programs

    1400–1700 hrs
    NSTC Panel