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    Course Outline


    Course Outline 

      Day 1:
    • Lecture 1: Introduction, overview, problem definition, and examples
    • Lecture 2: Combustion chemistry and reduced mechanisms
    • Lecture 3: The FlameMaster chemistry package
    • Lecture 4: Turbulence and statistical methods, analysis of time-dependant data
    • Lecture 5: Combustion models overview: (EBU/EDC, assumed PDF, scalar PDF, Flamelet, Flame Surface Density, Linear-eddy, etc)
    • Lecture 6: Flamelet models for non-premixed turbulent combustion
    • Lecture 7: Flamelet models for premixed turbulent combustion
    • Lecture 8: Applications of the presented models and implementation details

      Day 2:
    • Lecture 1: Subgrid Scalar Mixing and Combustion Modeling: the linear-eddy model, subgrid FPDF, etc)
    • Lecture 2: The Linear-eddy mixing model package, implementation details, and cost/accuracy issues
    • Lecture 3: Combustion in CFD for Gas Turbine Combustors
    • Lecture 4: Combustion in CFD for Augmentors and Bluff-Body Stabilized Flames
    • Lecture 5: Special Topics: Emission Modeling, Low-NOx combustor modeling
    • Lecture 6: Special Topics: Combustion Instability and Lean Blowout modeling
    • Lecture 7: Special Topics: CFD of Spray Combustion in Gas Turbines
    • Lecture 8: Special Topics: CFD of Ramjets and Scramjet Combustion