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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

    Course Outline


    Course Outline 

    • Overview
    • History and need for improved experimental methods

      Quantifying resource requirements
    • Scaling data volume to technical objectives
    • An inference error risk management perspective

      Factorial designs
    • Interaction effects
    • Hidden replication
    • Enhanced inductive basis

      Fractional factorial designs
    • Aliasing and design resolution
    • Design generators and generating relations
    • Screening designs

      “Tactical” vs. “strategic” quality assurance
    • Replication: Our defense against random errors
    • Blocking: Our defense against time-varying systematic errors
    • Randomization: The practical alternative to “statistical control”

      Sequential assembly
    • Design augmentation
    • The “25% Rule”

      Response surface methods
    • Basic principles of regression and ANOVA
    • Central Composite Designs

      Parting thoughts
    • Future directions in aerospace MDOE
    • Managing the introduction of disruptive technology