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    Richard DeLoach, NASA Langley Research Center

    Education: Physics (undergraduate), Physics and operations research (graduate). Employment: Over 40 years at NASA Langley Research Center, primarily in experimental testing technology research and development. Introduced the Modern Design of Experiments (MDOE) to Langley’s aeronautical research community in the mid-1990's. Recent focus: Applications of MDOE in wind tunnel check standard testing, in hypersonic testing technology development, in aerospace structures and materials, and in the comparison of transonic wind tunnel testing environments Recent course-related recognition: Has been an American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) Engineer of the Year (Eastern Region) and is the recipient of the NASA Exceptional Technology Achievement Medal for the introduction of MDOE to wind tunnel testing. Author of over 80 journal articles and conference papers on experiment design, with MDOE publications that have won AIAA Outstanding Paper awards nine times since 2000. An Associate Fellow of the AIAA, and instructor for the AIAA short course titled, “Concepts in the Modern Design of Experiments” for over a decade.