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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

    Course Outline


    Course Outline 

      FSI: Introduction
    • Why FSI
    • Basic phenomena
    • Where is FSI important/essential

      PDEs and character of the solutions
    • Structure: Wave phenomena, plasticity, failure
    • Fluid: Wave propagation, boundary layers
    • Thermal: Elliptic/parabolic character

      Numerical methods I
    • Approximation of functions and operators
    • Time integration
    • Solution of large systems of equations

      Numerical methods II
    • FEM solvers for structural dynamics, fluid dynamics, thermo-dynamics
    • Special solvers for CFD: Approximate Riemann solvers, limiting, FCT

      Solution of the complete system
    • Monolithic solvers
    • Loose coupling: Rationale, strategies
    • Position and load transfer: Interpolation, conservation, efficiency

    • Aeroelasticity/aerospace
    • Aerothermodynamics/aerospace
    • Wind interaction with civil engineering structures (bridges, skyscrapers)
    • Arterial flows/bioengineering
    • Weapon fragmentation

      Current research topics/issues
    • Pre-processing
    • Grid generation
    • Coupling techniques
    • Post-processing