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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

    Why Attend?

    Why Attend?

    The conference provides delegates access to the current state of the worldwide Ballistic Missile Defense System (BMDS) including a review of national policies, service priorities, technical advances, and the implementation of the Phased Adaptive Approach in support of regional missile threats. Plenary sessions provide views on: the evolutionary development of layered, integrated missile defense capabilities; the integration and testing of key elements; the Services and BMDS; and the future threat environment. The conference is a balanced and informative three-day program that includes unclassified plenary sessions, technical presentations, panel discussions, and a classified war game. Topics relate to current and future issues such as conventional and asymmetric threats, modeling and simulation, command and control, and test design considerations.


    Conference participation is restricted to delegates from the U.S. government and industry who have demonstrated a valid need to know and who have a SECRET or higher security clearance. Delegates may NOT represent the interests of non-U.S. entities. (Separate disclosure review will be required for the discussion of detailed manufacturing or production information, intelligence, service or component originated information, or information developed under or protected by agreements with other nations.)

    Who Should Attend?

    This conference addresses strategic and tactical missile systems and related technologies. It provides an informative, highly-interactive and educational venue for those with a SECRET security clearance:

    • Senior Management

    • Program Managers

    • Government Officials

    • Military Officials

    What to Expect

    The conference includes technical presentations (classified and unclassified), a robust hardware exhibit, a wargame for selected participants that will emphasize 2020 deployment and operation issues, and a gala dinner to honor an individual for his/her significant contribution to the advancement of missile defense. The first day is unclassified; the second and third day, and the wargame include classified discussions at the U.S. Secret level.

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