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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

    Course Outline


     Course Outline 


    • Introduce A System
    • Systems Requirements Engineering Process
    • Requirements Elicitation and Analysis
    • Concept of Operations

      Requirements Analysis and Fundamentals
    • Systems Requirements Analysis
    • Requirements Characteristics
    • Requirements allocation and traceability
    • Requirements Case Studies

      Requirements Validation and Verification
    • Definition of Validation and Verification
    • How to Validate Requirements
    • How to Verify Requirements

      Requirements Integration and Management
    • Requirements Attributes and metrics
    • Aggregate Requirements Integration
    • Requirements Management Process

      Specification Development
    • Definition and Hierarchy of Specification
    • Writing Specification Considerations

      Functional Analysis and Architecture
    • Elements of Functional Analysis
    • Functional Analysis Methods
    • Functional Allocation and Architecture

      Interface Requirements and Control
    • Definition of Interface and Types
    • Identify Interface Requirements
    • Discuss Interface Tools
    • Write Interface Requirements and Specifications