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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

    See How Standards are Developed at AIAA

    Basic Steps in Developing an AIAA Standard

    Process flow

    From new project proposal to publication, AIAA adheres to procedures that facilitate adoption of its standards by agencies and industry, as well as serve as the basis for international standards. Below is a flow chart of how a Standard, Recommended Practice, or Guide is developed.

    Consensus body is formed; if new, then submit Proposal for New CoS form to AIAA Program Manager for SEC approval. Once approved, then Committee on Standards submits new project proposal to AIAA SEC.

    New project proposal is approved; announcement made for participation on committee

    Committee on Standards prepares first draft based on AIAA Standards template

    Final draft is submitted to AIAA Standards Secretariat for review

    Document is approved by CoS ballot for public review and announced

    Public review comments are collected and submitted to the CoS for resolution

    Changes are made to the document; if substantive, then document submitted for second public review

    Comment disposition sent to individual who submitted comments and CoS with notification of right to appeal

    CoS ballot authorized; AIAA circulates ballot

    Ballot and comments recorded by AIAA and circulated to the CoS

    CoS resolution of ballot and comments; individuals who submitted comments notified of right to appeal

    AIAA document and process list submitted to SEC for approval for publication

    ANSI/AIAA document and process list submitted to SEC for approval for publication

    SEC approves document; ballot results sent to SEC

    Ballot results sent to SEC; if approved, BSR9 form submitted to ANSI for final approval

     Publication as AIAA or ANSI/AIAA Standard, Recommended Practice, or Guide