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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

    Continuing Education and Workshops


    BANC-II Workshop

    The second AIAA Workshop on Benchmark Problems for airframe noise computations  (Banc-ii) will be held in conjunction with the 18th AIAA/CEAS Aeroacoustics Conference. The anticipated dates for this workshop are 7–8 June  2012, i.e., immediately following the conference.  The objectives of the BANC-II Workshop are to:

    • Provide a forum for a thorough assessment of simulation-based noise-prediction tools in the context of airframe configurations, including both near-field unsteady flow and the acoustic radiation generated via the interaction of this flow with solid surfaces.
    • Identify current gaps in physical understanding, experimental databases, and prediction capability for the major sources of airframe noise.
    • Help determine best practices, and accelerate the development of benchmark quality datasets.
    • Promote future coordinated studies of common configurations for maximum impact on the current state of the art in the understanding and prediction of airframe noise.

    The BANC-II workshop will build upon the outcomes of the BANC-I workshop held in June 2010 in Stockholm, Sweden, and will include revised versions of BANC-I test cases along with additional problems addressing other sources of noise and/or critical aeroacoustic phenomena.

    It is open to participants worldwide and is jointly sponsored by the AIAA Aeroacoustics Technical Committee and the AIAA Fluid Dynamics Technical Committee. Participation in the BANC-II studies is not required to attend the workshop; everyone is welcome. Details of the BANC-II problem statements will be posted on the website.

    To receive timely communications regarding Workshop activities, all potential participants are urged to join the BANC-II mailing list by entering their contact information here.