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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics


    Technical Sessions

    Technical sessions will address the following topics:

    • Major Service weapon systems
    • Aircraft and maritime protection systems
    • IED defeat
    • Counter rockets, artillery, and mortars
    • WMD threat and negation issues
    • Ballistic missile defense
    • Weapon system test and evaluation
    • Weapon system modeling and simulation
    • Weaponeering and assessment standards
    • New advances in weapon system technologies
    • Novel target defeat approaches
    • Advancements in weapon guidance, navigation, and control
    • Sensors, target acquisition, and battle damage assessment
    • Deep penetration weapons and hardened targets
    • Long range stand-off weapons
    • High-speed weapons applications
    • Collateral damage control
    • Tailoring weapon effects for irregular and asymmetric warfare
    • Weapon system performance analysis and measures of system effectiveness
    • Weapon effects analysis for Analysis of Alternatives (AoA)
    • Non-lethal weapon systems
    • Novel uses of kinetic and chemical energy weapon systems
    • Advanced warhead technologies
    • Robotic and unmanned weapon systems
    • UAVs
    • Directed energy weapons
    • High-power microwaves
    • Lasers
    • Network-centric operations
    • Space systems
    • Other related weapon system effectiveness technical topics