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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics


    AIAA Complex Aerospace Systems Exchange (CASE)

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is CASE?

    This dynamic, engaging conference-like event will tackle some of the most important system development issues facing aerospace chief engineers, program managers, and systems engineers today, such as minimizing cost overruns and delays, mitigating late test failures, and avoiding other unexpected consequences. Participants will have the opportunity to hear insights, best practices, and lessons learned from recognized practitioners in each of these areas.

    Why haven’t I heard of CASE before?

    CASE is a new event developed to address an imperative for the aerospace industry. AIAA leadership intends to make system-level issues and thinking a central component across the Institute’s products and services. We want AIAA to provide a forum for professionals working in complex system development to share problems and insights and bridge the gap between the technology and science of the components and the integration and management skills needed to field successful aerospace systems of increasing complexity. CASE will help to articulate and shape the important issues facing this community so that future forums can continue the dialogue and begin to effect progress in addressing real world issues.

    What makes CASE different from other AIAA conferences?

    The structure of the event will be unlike existing AIAA conferences. With a greater emphasis on information and idea exchange among the best and brightest in the aerospace systems engineering arena than on technical paper presentations, CASE will provide participants practical knowledge and ideas that are directly applicable to their daily work. Our intent is to ensure that at the end of this meeting, participants will think differently about the issues we face today as a systems engineering community and have additional resources to address these issues.

    Is there overlap or synergy between CASE and SPACE?

    CASE and SPACE are co-located in 2012 and will be complementary to each other and will share some plenary sessions and networking activities such as luncheons and receptions. By registering for CASE, you can attend SPACE sessions and visit the Exposition at no extra cost.

    Will CASE always meet with the AIAA SPACE Conference?

    As systems issues are cross-cutting, CASE will address both the aeronautical and astronautical aspects of the industry. In order to bring the systems focus to both sides, we plan to alternate the co-location of CASE between AIAA’s SPACE Conference and the AVIATION Conference currently being developed.

    How can I contribute to CASE?

    We are looking for ideas and soliciting presentations for CASE. Presentations should address current problems challenges associated with the development, integration, management, and support of Complex Aerospace Systems that lead to: Late Identification of Systems Failures, Schedule Delays, Cost Over-runs, and Unintended Consequences. To learn more, click here. [link to “How to Contribute” page]

    Who will be at CASE?

    • We expect participants at CASE to include:
    • Chief Engineers 
    • Systems Engineers
    • Test and Integration Engineers
    • Technology Directors 
    • Engineering Vice Presidents 
    • Project Managers 
    • Directors of System Engineering 
    • Government Acquisition Personnel 
    • Design Engineers
    • Engineers transitioning from Individual Contributor to Team Lead or Project Manager
    • Academics engaged in developing solutions to real world problems

    What can I expect if I attend CASE?

    If you attend CASE, you will be a part of the event and shape the discussion rather than being a passive listener. You can expect to hear multiple sides of complex issues rather than company “commercials” or one dimensional insights. The program structure will allow you to focus on a single track over the course of the event or mix and match the conversations in which you choose to participate. Be prepared to leave CASE with practical knowledge and ideas that you can apply to your work immediately.

    What about Technical Papers? Do I need one to participate? Can I publish a paper for CASE?

    CASE is again different from the more technology-based AIAA conferences in that formal published papers are not required. So, you do not have to write and publish a formal paper to participate in CASE. That said the CASE Planning Committee does want to encourage formal paper publication, so we are working on a process to allow for the publication of the material presented as an AIAA paper.