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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

    Course Overview

    Fundamentals of Aircraft Performance and Design


    Why do aircraft look and fly the way they do? This course will give you an introduction to the major performance and design characteristics of conventional, primarily subsonic, aircraft. At the end of the course, you will be able to use the physical characteristics of an existing aircraft to determine both its performance for specified flight conditions and the flight conditions for best performance. You will also be able to take a set of operational requirements and constraints and perform a feasibility design of an aircraft that should satisfy both the requirements and constraints.

    Key Topics:

    • Maximization of range for a given payload and fuel load.
    • Preliminary design of aircraft to meet mission requirements.
    • Descent of gliders and sailplanes or aircraft with power failure.
    • Best turning flight conditions.
    • Propulsion system characteristics and differences.
    • Recognition of aircraft characteristics and their significance.

    Who Should Attend:

    Anyone who is interested in or has any involvement with aircraft (or unmanned aerial vehicles [UAVs]), including pilots, flight planners, operations personnel, air traffic controllers and supervisors, aircraft designers, fixed base operators, maintenance people, and other aviation aficionados. Because this course provides an overview of the supporting technologies, it does not require a knowledge of aerodynamics, propulsion, or structures. Minimal mathematical skills are required: You need only have the ability to differentiate, integrate, and solve quadratic equations. The emphasis is on simple analytical relationships that are applicable to classes of aircraft rather than on the traditional graphical techniques applied to a specific individual aircraft with a specified weight. A calculator is all you will need to solve the problems, but you are free to use a computer if you desire.

    Course Information:

    Type of Course: Distance Learning/Home Study
    Course Level: Fundamentals

    Course scheduling available in the following formats:

    • Distance Learning/Home Study
    • On-site Course

    Course Length: 2 days/5 Months
    AIAA CEU's available: none