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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

    Course Overview

    Advanced Spacecraft Control and Dynamics


    This short course presents a coherent and unified framework for mathematical modeling, analysis, and control of advanced space vehicles. Spacecraft dynamics and control problems of practical interests are treated from a dynamical systems point of view. This course is based on the second edition of the AIAA textbook “Space Vehicle Dynamics and Control,” which includes over 260 pages of new material on the recent advances in dynamic modeling and control of complex spacecraft such as agile imaging satellites equipped with control moment gyros, solar sails, and very large space solar power satellites. In particular, this course will focus on a comprehensive treatment of advanced spacecraft control problems and their practical solutions obtained by applying the fundamental principles and techniques emphasized throughout the textbook. The dynamic modeling, guidance, and flight control design problem of advanced launch vehicles as well as the spacecraft dynamics and control problem of asteroid deflection missions will also be covered.

    Key Topics:

    • Fundamentals of orbital, attitude, and structural dynamics of space vehicles
    • Classical and advanced control design methods for complex space vehicles
    • Modeling and control of advanced space vehicles for future space missions
    • Advanced space vehicle examples include: agile imaging satellites equipped with CMGs; large solar sails for future science missions; solar-sail missions for asteroid deflection; kinetic impactors and gravity tractors for asteroid deflection; advanced launch vehicles; and very large space solar power satellites

    Who Should Attend:

    Dynamics and control analysts, space systems engineers, space mission designers, and technical managers involved with preliminary or detailed design of advanced space vehicles will find this course useful. Control researchers and graduate students will also benefit from this course that emphasizes practical control problems of complex space vehicles.
    Type of Course: Instructor-Led Short Course

    Course Information:

    Course Level: Advanced

    Course scheduling available in the following format:

    • Course at Conference
    • On-site Course
    • Standalone/Public Course

    Course Length: 2 days
    AIAA CEU's available: yes