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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

    Course Outline

    Aircraft System Identification – Theory and Practice


    Course Outline:

    I. Background and Introduction for Aircraft System Identification
    II. Mathematical Model of an Aircraft
    A. Rigid Body Equations of Motion
    B. Simplifying the Equations of Motion
    III. Outline of Estimation Theory
    IV. Regression Methods
    A. Equation-Error Method, Ordinary Least Squares
    B. Model Structure Determination
    V. Maximum Likelihood Methods
    A. Output-Error Method
    B. Computational Aspects
    VI. Frequency Domain Methods
    A. Transforming Measured Data to the Frequency Domain, Frequency Response
    B. Equation-Error Method, Output-Error Method
    C. Low Order Equivalent System Identification
    VII. Real-Time Parameter Estimation
    A. Introduction and Overview
    B. Frequency Domain Sequential Least Squares
    VIII. Experiment Design
    A. Data Acquisition System and Instrumentation
    B. Input Design and Flight Test Recommendations
    C. Open-loop Parameter Estimation from Closed-Loop Data
    IX. Data Compatibility
    A. Data Reconstruction, Instrumentation Error Estimation Methods
    X. Data Analysis
    A. Filtering, Smoothing, Differentiation, High-Accuracy Finite Fourier Transform
    B. Power Spectral Estimation
    XI. SIDPAC Software
    A. Case Studies
    B. Practical Hands-On Experience