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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

    Course Outline

    Atmospheric Flight Dynamics and Control


    Course Outline:

    I. Introduction and Review
    A. Small Perturbation Theory for Non-Linear Systems
    B. Vectors Differentiation, Coordinate Transformations, Direction-Cosine Matrices
    C. Basic Aerodynamics of Lifting Surfaces
    II. The Non-Linear and Perturbation Equations of Motion
    A. Rigid-Body Equations of Motion – Flat Earth
    B. Effects of Rotating Masses, Variable Mass, Spherical, Rotating Earth
    C. Point-Mass Performance Equations
    D. Equations of Motion for Elastic Vehicles
    E. Tutorial on lumped-mass vibrations with rigid-body degrees of freedom
    III. Modeling the Forces and Moments on the Vehicle
    A. Description of the Modeling Framework
    B. Aerodynamic and Propulsive Forces and Moments
    C. Forces and Moments Due to Perturbations and Gusts
    D. Effects of Elastic Deformation on the Forces and Moments – Generalized Forces
    IV. Analysis of Steady and Quasi-Steady Flight
    A. Equilibrium Reference Conditions
    B. The Concept of Aerodynamic Static Stability-And Criteria
    C. Analysis of Steady Rectilinear Flight, Turning Flight, and Quasi-Steady Pull-Up Maneuvers
    1. Linear Flight-Dynamic Analysis
    D. Eigenanalysis of linear systems
    E. Aircraft Transfer Functions, Modal Analysis, and Modal Approximates
    F. Cross-Axis Coupling
    G. Vehicle Design to Achieve Desirable Dynamic Characteristics
    V. Feedback Stability Augmentation
    A. Dynamics-Based Augmentation, Multi-Input/Multi-Output Effects, Coupling Numerators
    B. Pitch, Roll, Yaw Dampers; ARI’s, Short-Period and Phugoid Stabilization.
    VI. Automatic Guidance and Control – Autopilots
    A. Loop Shaping, Inner and Outer Loops, and Frequency Separation
    B. Attitude Control, Response Holds, Path Guidance, Structural-Mode Control
    VII. Control Characteristics of the Human Pilot