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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

    Course Outline

    Basics of Satellite Communications and Communication Satellites


    Course Outline:

    I. Introduction and brief History

    II. Why Communication Satellites?
    A. Information repeaters
    B. Revenue earners

    III. Communications Links and Link Budgets

    IV. Types of Satellite Services
    A. Fixed, Mobile, Broadcast and Data Relay
    V. Transmission Basics
    A. Modulation
    B. Coding concepts
    C. Electromagnetic Spectrum and spectrum control

    VI. Multiple Access Techniques
    A. Compression

    VII. Antenna Principles
    A. Types of antennas
    B. Antenna patterns, footprints and interference

    VIII. Key Payload Components
    A. LNAs, frequency converters, diplexers and multiplexers, high power amplifiers

    IX. Satellite Orbit Fundamentals
    A. Kepler’s Laws
    B. Orbit Principles
    C. Geostationary Orbit and Station-Keeping
    D. MEO and HEO Orbits
    E. LEO orbit and its benefits and problems

    X. Launchers and Launch Sites

    XI. Earth Stations and Satellite Terminals

    XII. Satellite types and their pros and cons

    XIII. Listing and details for all satellite subsystems