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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

    Course Outline

    Best Practices in Wind Tunnel Testing



    Course Outline:

    I. Course Introduction.
    A. Ground testing overview


    II. Test Processes (R-092)
    A. The 7 Keys to Successful Testing
    B. Pretest planning and preparation
    C. Model development and fabrication
    D. Pretest buildup and preparation
    E. Testing
    F. Post Test Activities

    III. Measurement Uncertainty for Ground Testing Applications (S-071A)
    A. Standards
    B. Statistical Primer
    C. Uncertainty Methodology
    D. Uncertainty Applications

    IV. Calibration and Use of Internal Strain Gage Balances (R-091)
    A. Balance Technology
    B. Concepts
    1. Force/moment; axis systems, etc.
    C. Balance calibration.
    D. Use and troubleshooting

    V. Wind Tunnel Calibration (R-093)
    A. Overview of wind tunnel calibration
    B. Requirements and objections
    1. Types of calibrations
    C. Calibration and flow quality measurements
    D. Planning, execution and documentation
    E. Tunnel calibration examples

    VI. Class wrap-up