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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

    Course Outline

    Computational Aeroacoustics: Methods and Applications



    Course Outline:

    1.1 Sources of aircraft noise
    1.2 Computational Issues Relevant to CAA 

    2. Spatial Discretization in Wavenumber Space
    2.1 Optimized Finite Difference Approximation in Wavenumber Space
    2.2 Group Velocity Consideration and Schemes with Large Stencils

    3. Time Discretization
    3.1 Optimized Multi-Level Time Discretization; Stability Diagram

    4. Finite Difference Solution of the Euler Equations
    4.1 Dispersion-Relation-Preserving Scheme (DRP scheme)
    4.2 Numerical Stability Requirements; choice of time step ; Group Velocity

    6. Radiation, Inflow and Outflow Boundary Conditions
    6.1 Radiation, Inflow and Outflow Boundary Conditions
    6.2 Implementation of Radiation and Outflow Boundary Conditions

    7. The Short Wave Component of Finite Difference Schemes
    7.1 The Long and the Short Waves; discountinuous initial data 
    7.2 Artificial Selective Damping; Excessive Damping; Aliasing

    8. Computation of Nonlinear Acoustic Waves
    8.1 Nonlinear Simple Waves; Spurious Oscillations: Origin and Characteristics
    8.2 Variable Artificial Damping

    9. Wall Boundary Conditions for High-Order Finite Difference Schemes
    9.1 Concept of Ghost Points and Ghost Values
    9.2 Reflection of Acoustic Waves by a Plane Wall; Spurious Boundary Modes

    10. Numerical Solution of Multiple-Scales Problems
    10.1 Multiple-Scales Aeroacoustics Problems
    10.2 Spatial and Time Stencils for Use in Mesh-Size-Change Buffer Region

    11. Applications to Real World Problems