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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

    Course Outline

    Computational Heat Transfer (CHT)



     Course Outline:

    I. Introduction to CHT and Paradigm
    A. Introduction: basic features of thermal analysis
    B. Structuring the analysis approach and example application
    C. Emergence of CHT as a general purpose tool and CHT as a community

    II. Formulation of the basic equations of heat transfer
    A. General conservation equation and conserved quantities
    B. Energy conservation equation
    C. Flux terms, volume source terms
    D. final simplified equation with application example

    E. Decoupling systems and deriving boundary conditions
    1. Fundamentals of boundary conditions
    2. Types of boundary conditions
    3. temperature and heat flux boundary conditions
    4. Control of temperature at heat flux boundaries
    5. Applicability of the Robin boundary condition

    F. Discretization, physical and mathematical and presentation of the governing equations
    1. Motivation for discretization, flux laws and control volume connectivity
    2. Parallel: physical-spatial discretization and mathematical discretization
    3. Strategic discretization and refinement and application of Cartesian based discretization

    G. Computational solutions to the discrete equation, showcase of solution methods
    1. Direct solutions to the vectorized conservation equation and limitations of direct methods
    2. Transient solution methods
    3. Explicit and implicit differencing with stability analysis
    4. Development of general time differencing schemes and basic relaxation methods
    5. Survey and application of semi-direct inversion methods, ADI, and conjugate gradient methods

    H. Validation of computational models and solutions
    1. Numerical consistency analysis and bench marking
    2. Showcase exact solutions with comparisons to numerical schemes
    3. Energy survey methods for validation, qualitative and quantitative energy surveys

    I. Special topics in CHT (Sample of topics as follows)
    1. Advection and flow flow loops
    2. Radiation heat transfer
    3. Phase change heat transfer
    4. Hyperbolic heat conduction
    5. Thermostat modeling 

    III. CHT in hypersonic flow