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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

    Course Outline

    Course Outline

    • Fundamentals of Tactical Missile Guidance
      • Important proportional navigation closed-form solutions and their utility

    • Method of Adjoints and the Homing Loop
      • Constructing an adjoint and using it to analyze missile guidance systems

    • Noise Analysis
      • Shaping filters and target maneuver and interpreting Monte Carlo results

    • Proportional Navigation and Miss Distance
      • Useful design relationships for rapid guidance system sizing

    • Digital Noise Filters in the Homing Loop
      • How digital noise filter properties influence homing loop performance

    • Advanced Guidance Laws
      • Deriving optimal guidance laws without optimal control theory

    • Kalman Filters and the Homing Loop
      • Kalman filter that works effectively and how its utility with optimal guidance

    • Endoatmospheric Ballistic Targets
      • The importance of speed, re-entry angle, and ballistic coefficient

    • Extended Kalman Filtering
      • Performance comparison of linear, linearized, and extended Kalman filters

    • Strategic Considerations
      • Similarities and differences between tactical and strategic missile guidance

    • Boosters
      • Using the rocket equation and gravity turn guidance

    • Lambert Guidance
      • How Lambert and GEM can be used to guide boosters

    • Strategic Intercepts
      • Predicting strategic performance using tactical guidance concepts

    • Theater Missile Defense
      • How to use guidance methods to shape the missile trajectory

    • Filter Banks
      • How filter banks can be used to improve system performance