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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

    Course Materials

    Computational Heat Transfer (CHT)

    Course Materials:

    Since course notes will not be distributed onsite, AIAA and your course instructor are highly recommending that you bring your computer with the course notes already downloaded to the course.

    Once you have registered for the course, these course notes are available about two weeks prior to the course event, and are available to you in perpetuity.

    The CHT course is designed with an interactive laboratory session (Interlab). The Interlab aspect of the CHT course will be screen projected however, students will not need a computer to participate. CHT students will receive complementary copies of the following software for the CHT course: Hyperion-TFS and Hyperion-Mesh3D. This software suite is developed by the author and will be used to setup, solve and post process immediate results for a series of problems which will be processed in the class. With Interlab, the students can observe the solutions, and they are encouraged to bring laptops to emulate and solve problems covered during the lectures.