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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

    Course Overview

    Electric Propulsion for Space Systems


    Over 120 spacecraft presently use electric thruster systems for primary or auxiliary propulsion. Electric thrusters are now being used to provide most of the post-LEO propulsion demands for both geosynchronous and deep space missions. The availability of practical, high-specific-impulse electric thrusters with long life, and the development of electrical power-systems required to sustain them, has resulted in extremely rapid growth in the applications of this technology. This course describes the fundamental operating principles, performance characteristics and design features of state-of-the-art systems in each of the three classes of electric thrusters (electrothermal, electromagnetic and electrostatic). The impacts of the thruster performance and life on mission planning; mission analysis techniques; and on-board spacecraft systems will be addressed. The extension of spacecraft capabilities afforded by electric propulsion and issues associated with its integration into spacecraft will also be discussed.

    Key Topics:

    • Learn principles of operation of electric thrusters
    • Understand when and why electric thrusters should be used
    • Understand lessons learned from mission studies and flight experience

    Who Should Attend:

    This course is for those industry engineers in airplane design, analysis or support and government agency engineers, as well as Manufacturing support or fleet support engineers. Aerospace engineers, mechanical engineers and civil engineers would most benefit from this course.

    Course Information:

    Type of Course: Instructor-Led Short Course
    Course Level: Intermediate/ Advanced

    Course scheduling available in the following formats:

    • Course at Conference
    • On-site Course
    • Stand-alone/Public Course

    Course Length: 2 days
    AIAA CEU's available: yes