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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

    Course Outline

    Electro-optical Systems for Aerospace Sensing Applications



    Course Outline:

    I. Intro to Electro-optics. Basic review of optics, image formation, signals, and radiometry; Optical systems concepts. Types of optical systems, rules of thumb for developing and comparing optical systems. Overview of detector systems

    II. Environmental influences on EO systems. Effects of the atmosphere and airborne vehicles. Sources of radiation. Image quality and resolution 

    III. Image processing for EO systems. Overview of image operations; image processing tools; file and data formats; compression and transmission over data networks

    IV. The Need for Ground Sensing in the Modern Battlespace; Evolution of Modern Conflict; Operations Ground Sensing Operational Context; Six Operational Domains

    V. Ground Sensing Technologies; Technical Aspects of Current Ground Sensing Systems Hard Problems Confronting the Use of Ground Sensors; Gaps in Current Combat Force; Gaps in Future Combat Force

    VI. Providing Improved Ground Sensing Capabilities; Integrating Solutions; Technology Strategy; Emerging Technology Enablers

    VII. Benefits of Space-based Remote Sensing: weather satellites, commercial remote sensors, DoD systems, intelligence systems

    VIII. History of Space-based Remote Sensing: Pre-orbital studies and systems –Weather imagers and sounders –Spy satellites –Land and ocean color imagers –Space tracking and surveillance systems –Planetary exploration and astronomical systems

    IX. System Figures of Merit for imaging and remote sensing: SNR, noise equivalent or minimum detectable signals, sensitivity, NIIRS, algorithm noise

    X. Remote sensing of the atmosphere: physical effects of the atmosphere on imaging and remote sensing at visible and infrared wavelengths

    XI. Future of Space-based Remote Sensing: Responsive space systems -- Impact of emerging information technology on future imaging and remote sensing systems -- Imaging spectrometers -- Active systems

    XII. Concepts and Applications of Unmanned Aerospace Sensor networks