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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

    Paper Submission

    Paper Submission Information

    Important Dates to Remember:

    Website Open for Abstract Submission
    1 August 2011
    Abstract Deadline
    15 November 2011
    Author Notification
    5 January 2012
    Final Manuscript Deadline
    27 June 2012

    Technical Topics

    • ICES101 Spacecraft and Instrument Thermal Design,Testing, and Technology
    • ICES102 Thermal Control for Planetary Surface Missions and Systems
    • ICES103 Thermal and Environmental Control of Exploration Vehicles and Surface Transport Subsystems
    • ICES104 On-Orbit Operations and Logistics of Thermal and Environmental Control Subsystems
    • ICES106 Space Station and Manned Orbiting Infrastructures Thermal Control
    • ICES107 Thermal and Environmental Control Engineering Analysis and Software
    • ICES108 Advances in Thermal Control Technology
    • ICES110 Thermal and Environmental Control of Commercial Spacecraft
    • ICES113 Spacecraft Propulsion Systems Thermal Control
    • ICES115 James Webb Space Telescope Thermal Control
    • ICES200 Physio-Chemical Processes: Air and Water
    • ICES201 Two-Phase Thermal Control Technology
    • ICES202 Satellite, Payload, and Instrument Thermal Control
    • ICES203 Thermal Testing
    • ICES204 Bioregenerative Life Support
    • ICES205 Advanced Life Support Sensor and Control Technology
    • ICES300 ECLSS and Thermal Modeling and Test
    • ICES301 Advanced Life Support Systems Control
    • ICES302 Physio-Chemical Life Support Process Development
    • ICES305 In-Situ Resource Utilization
    • ICES307 Orion Multi-Purpose Crew Vehicle Environmental Control and Life Support Systems
    • ICES308 Education and Outreach
    • ICES400 Extravehicular Activity: Space Suits
    • ICES401 Extravehicular Activity: Systems
    • ICES402 Extravehicular Activity: PLSS Systems
    • ICES403 Extravehicular Activity: Operations
    • ICES404 International Space Station ECLS: Systems
    • ICES405 International Space Station ECLS: Air and Water Systems
    • ICES406 Human/Robotics System Integration
    • ICES407 Spacecraft Water/Air Quality: Maintenance and Monitoring
    • ICES408 Regenerable Life Support Processes and Systems
    • ICES409 Airliner Cabin Air: Monitoring, Control, and Environmental Health Issues
    • ICES500 Life Science/Life Support Research Technologies
    • ICES501 Life Support Systems Engineering and Analysis
    • ICES502 Space Architecture
    • ICES503 Radiation Issues for Space Flight
    • ICES504 Management of Air Quality in Sealed Environments
    • ICES505 Microbial Factors Applied to Design
    • ICES506 Human Exploration Beyond Low Earth Orbit: Missions and Technologies
    • ICES508 Mars and Beyond
    • ICES509 Fire Safety in Spacecraft and Enclosed Habitats
    • ICES510 Lunar and Martian Dust Properties and Mitigation Technologies
    • ICES511 Mission Assurance and Reliability Techniques for Environmental Systems
    • ICES512 Human Rating for Space Systems
    • ICES513 Computational Modeling for Human Health and Performance Analysis