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    Coiurse Outline

    Fundamentals of Tactical and Strategic Missile Guidance



    Course Outline:

    I. Fundamentals of Tactical Missile Guidance
    A. Important proportional navigation closed-form solutions and their utility 

    II. Method of Adjoints and the Homing Loop
    A. Constructing an adjoint and using it to analyze missile guidance systems

    III. Noise Analysis
    A. Shaping filters and target maneuver and interpreting Monte Carlo results 

    IV. Proportional Navigation and Miss Distance
    A. Useful design relationships for rapid guidance system sizing 

    V. Digital Noise Filters in the Homing Loop
    A. How digital noise filter properties influence homing loop performance 

    VI. Advanced Guidance Laws
    A. Deriving optimal guidance laws without optimal control theory 

    VII. Kalman Filters and the Homing Loop
    A. Kalman filter that works effectively and how its utility with optimal guidance 

    VIII. Endoatmospheric Ballistic Targets
    A. The importance of speed, re-entry angle, and ballistic coefficient 

    IX. Extended Kalman Filtering
    A. Performance comparison of linear, linearized, and extended Kalman filters 

    X. Strategic Considerations
    A. Similarities and differences between tactical and strategic missile guidance 

    XI. Boosters
    A. Using the rocket equation and gravity turn guidance

    XII. Lambert Guidance 

    A. How Lambert and GEM can be used to guide boosters

    XIII. Strategic Intercepts
    A. -Predicting strategic performance using tactical guidance concepts 

    XIV. Theater Missile Defense
    A. How to use guidance methods to shape the missile trajectory

    XV. Filter Banks
    A. How filter banks can be used to improve system performance