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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

    Paper Submission

    Paper Submission Information

    Important Dates to Remember:

    Website Open for Abstract Submission
    10 October 2011
    Abstract Deadline
    7 February 2012
    Author Notification
    14 May 2012
    Final Manuscript Deadline
    28 August 2012

    ATIO Techncial Topics

    MAO Technical Topics

    Joint ATIO/MA&O Sessions

    • Aircraft Design
    • Aerospace Systems Applications of MDO
    • Complex System Design Methodologies
    • Decision Support Processes and Tools for Complex Systems
    • Enabling Technologies for Complex System Design


    Aircraft Design and Design Methodologies
    The capabilities provided by advanced computational and analysis methods are being matched by developments in technologies, such as materials and propulsion systems in both military and civil sectors. Papers are sought on everything from design methods to case studies, from system and vehicle level down to detail sub-systems. Topic areas include but are not limited to:

    • Design Synthesis and Multidisciplinary Optimization
    • Advanced Systems Integration
    • Innovative Concepts and Technologies(including Energy Optimized Systems,
    • All-Electric Aircraft)
    • Cost Effectiveness and Value Engineering of Aerospace Systems


    Air Transportation: Aircraft Operations and Air Traffic Management Systems
    Also playing a vital role in addressing environmental concerns and transportation issues are the air traffic systems that guide aircraft and transport people and cargo around the globe. Research in technologies to increase system and aircraft effi ciency and to manage aircraft operations at optimal levels are topics of interest for this conference. Papers are sought that discuss research and analyses on any of a broad range of topics, including but not limited to:

    • System operational efficiency with increased demand and new aircraft types
    • Enterprise Architecture systems for communications, navigation, surveillance,
    • flight planning, and air traffic control
    • Integrated Net-Centric Operations for air traffic management
    • Safety Certification of commercial, military, and general aviation aircraft, both manned and unmanned
    • Security Systems for airports and aircraft


    Systems and System Integration
    The supporting technologies and applications needed to facilitate developments in complex systems are key elements in the future of aviation, including those relating to future vehicle system concepts such as electric aircraft or fuel cell power systems, and operationally, as expounded by NextGen and the Single European Sky ATM
    Research (SESAR). Papers are sought which describe methodologies for systems analysis and applications in the context of these future concepts and technologies. Topic areas include but are not limited to:

    • Design and analysis of complex aviation systems
    • System-wide methodologies
    • Application of systems analysis to aerospace design
    • Integration of advanced technologies into vehicle and operational systems


    Educational Outreach
    AIAA has a strong commitment to supporting the education of the next generation of aerospace engineers. Following this year’s technical portion of the conference will be a unique educational outreach event that brings together local students and aerospace professionals. The event will feature presentations given by members of the aerospace community, as well as a variety of relevant hands-on activities, including possible tours of local aerospace facilities. If you, as an aerospace professional or a local educator, would like to contribute ideas or resources, or otherwise be involved in the planning of this effort, please contact Dennis Carter or Danielle Soban.

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     Enabling Technologies for MA&O

    • Multidisciplinary Analysis and Design Optimization Software
      • Algorithms
      • Architectures and Frameworks
    • Visual Design Steering
    • Design Space Exploration
    • Visualization and Interfaces for Decision Support in MDO
    • Modeling Methods
    • Meta-Modeling Methods
    • High-Performance Computing for MDO
    • Data Handling in Distributed Computing for Complex Design
    • Web-Based Computing and Collaboration
    • Multidisciplinary Analysis Methods that Enable Design and Optimization 

    Multidisciplinary Design Optimization Methodologies
    • Decomposition Methods for MDO
    • Value Driven Design Methods
    • Design for X in MDO
    • Decision Theory in MDO
    • Complex System Design
    • Aerospace Vehicle Design
    • Aeroelastic/Aeroservoelastic Optimization and Design
    • Emerging MDO Areas

    Optimization Methods and Algorithms
    • Sensitivity Analysis Methods
    • Discrete Variable Optimization
    • Nondeterministic Optimization
    • Evolutionary Methods
    • Multi-Criteria Optimization
    • Gradient-Based Optimization
    • Multi-Scale Optimization
    • Shape and Topology Optimization
    • Structural Optimization
    • Aerodynamic Optimization

    Uncertainty and Reliability Methods in MA&O
    • Uncertainty Quantification and Analysis
    • Methods for Capturing Uncertainty
    • Methods for Representing Reliability
    • Reliability in Complex Systems Design
    • Risk Analysis
    • Robust Design

    Applications of MA&O
    • Aerospace Systems
    • Space Launch Systems
    • Automotive Systems
    • Structural Applications
    • Manufacturing Applications
    • Weapon Design and Optimization
    • Consumer Products
    • Renewable Energy Systems
    • Micro- and Nanotechnology
    • Material design
    • Biotechnology
    • Chemical processes
    • MDO Benchmark Problems

    Specially Organized Sessions and Panels
    The conference organizers welcome individuals who wish to organize a special panel or technical paper session. Those who wish to do so should submit a short proposal describing the nature of the session as it relates to the topics of interest specifi ed in this call for papers. Importantly, the proposal should also include the names of the organizers and participants. Those interested in submitting proposals may contact Christopher Mattson. Please note that any paper proposed as part of a special session must have an abstract submitted by the abstract deadline and will be reviewed under AIAA guidelines.

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