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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics


    Guidance of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles



    Course Instructor:

    Dr. Rafael Yanushevsky was born in Kiev, Ukraine. He received the M.S. in mathematics and M.S. degree (with honors) in electro-mechanical engineering from the Kiev University and the Kiev Polytechnic Institute, respectively, and the PhD degree in optimization of multivariable systems from the Institute of Control Sciences of the USSR Academy of Sciences, Moscow, Russia.

    He worked at the Institute of Control Sciences. His research interests were in optimal control theory and its applications (specially, in aerospace), optimal control of differential-difference systems, signal processing, game theory and operations research. He had published over 40 papers in these areas and two books “Theory of linear optimal multivariable control systems” and “Control systems with time-lag.” He was an editor of 14 books of the publishing house “Nauka.” After immigration in the United States, in December 1987, he started teaching at the University of Maryland, the department of electrical engineering, and at the University of the District of Columbia, the department of Mathematics. Since 1999 he has been involved in projects related to the aerospace industry. He participated in development of engagement model as a part of Battlespace Engineering Assessment Tool, weapon control system software, developed new guidance laws and wrote sections of Modeling and Simulation Handbook related to the weapon control system and fire control system of SM-3 missiles. In 2002 he received Letter of Appreciation from the Department of the Navy, the Navy Area Theater Ballistic Missile Program.

    Dr. Yanushevsky has published 5 books (his latest books are “Modern Missile Guidance,” 2007 and “Guidance of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles,” 2011), over 90 papers, was the Chair of the Lyapunov Session of the Second and Fourth World Congress on Nonlinear Analyst and a member of the Organizing Committee of the Fourth Congress, is a reviewer of Journal Guidance, Control and Dynamics, IEEE Trans. on Aerospace and Electronic Systems, Journal of Systems and Control Engineering. He is included in “Who’s Who in America,” “Who’s Who in Science and Engineering,” and “Who’s Who in American Education.”