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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

    Course Outline

    High-Altitude Testing of Aircraft Engines



    Course Outline:

    I. Why Test? 

    II. Facilities required for typical altitude test

    III. Typical test objectives and techniques

    A. Performance 

    B. Operability
    C. Environmental effects
    D. Installation effects
    E. Airframe integration
    F. Alternate fuels 

    IV. Critical turbine test measurements and their methodologies will be described.
    A. Review turbine engine fundamentals
    B. Airflow measurement
    C. Fuelflow measurement
    D. Thrust determination
    E. Aeromechanical response
    F. Combustion instability 

    V. Disciplined approach to test planning and execution
    A. Pre-test planning
    B. Data validation
    C. Estimating measurement uncertainty