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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

    Course Overview

    Large-Eddy Simulations: Theory, Applications and Advanced Topics


    This course will provide an introduction to the large-eddy simulation of turbulent flows, as well as the discussion of some advanced topics. The first day will be devoted to the introductory discussion, including theory and applications of this method. During the second day, two special topics will be discussed, namely LES techniques based on alternative (non-con¬ventional) approaches to subgrid-scale modeling, and hybrid RANS/LES methods.

    Key Topics:

    • Numerical techniques for the simulation of turbulent flows
    • Theoretical and numerical aspects of Large-eddy simulations
    • Modeling issues in Large-eddy Simulations
    • Applications of Large-eddy Simulations
    • Alternative approaches to Large-eddy Simulations
    • Hybrid RANS/LES methods

    Who Should Attend:

    This course is of interest to professionals involved in the design and analysis of devices that involve complex turbulent flows. In many applications of this type lower-level turbulence models are inaccurate, or fail to give sufficient information. Large-eddy simulation can overcome many of these difficulties. An overview of the technique, its potential and limitations will be provided, together with a panorama of recent research and industrial applications.

    Course Information:

    Type of Course: Instructor-Led Short Course
    Course Level: Intermediate

    Course scheduling available in the following formats:

    • Course at Conference
    • On-site Course
    • Stand-alone/Public Course

    Course Length: 2 days
    AIAA CEU's available: yes