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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

    Course Outline

     Large-eddy Simulations - Theory, Applications and Advanced Topics


    Course Outline:

    I. Introduction, formulation and applications

    II. Motivation

    III. Formulation
    a. Governing equations
    b. Resolution requirements
    c. Numerical methods
    d. Boundary conditions

    IV. Subgrid-scale modeling

    V. Applications

    VI. Conclusions
    a. Achievements
    b. Challenges

    VII. Implicit LES Methods

    VIII. Numerical simulation of turbulent flows
    a. Traditional LES; Modified LES Equation Analysis

    IX. Approximate Deconvolution for LES

    X. Implicit Subgrid Scale Modeling
    a. Monotonically Integrated LES (MILES)
    b. Flux-limiting, TVD, high-order upwinding, vorticity confinement
    c. Applications
    d. Challenges for Future Development

    XI. Outlook

    XII. Hybrid RANS/LES methods

    XIII. Brief History

    XIV. Detached Eddy Simulation and Related Concepts

    XV. Speziale’s Approach and Related Concepts

    XVI. RANS / LES Blending Strategies: Zonal vs. Local

    XVII. Applications to External and Internal Flows

    XVIII. Challenges and Directions for Future Development