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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

    Course Outline

    Course Outline

    Fundamentals of Liquid Chemical Propellants and Applications for Less-Toxic Alternatives

    I. Rocket Propulsion Fundamentals
    A. History of Propulsion/Overview of Components
    B. Performance and Design Considerations
    C. Rocket Classifications
    D. Propellants and Properties

    II. Structural Considerations in Rocket Engine Design
    A. Failure Modes of Structures
    B. Rocket Engine Design Drivers and Reliability
    C. Material Characterization
    D. Development and Qualification Testing

    III. Rocket Engine Testing
    A. Test Facility Description
    B. Vulcain 2 Description
    C. Testing Operational Aspects
    1. Pre-Test/Test Day/Post-Test

    IV. Development and Flight Experience with Green Monopropellants
    A. ADN in Liquid Monopropellants
    B. High Performance Green Propulsion Monopropellant and Thrusters
    C. HPGP System Design and Flight Experience

    V. Microsat, Nanosat and Cubesat Propulsion
    A. Mission Requirements
    B. Design Considerations
    C. Microscale Fluid Dynamic, Heat Transfer and Combustion
    D. Fabrication Technologies
    E. Micropropulsion Testing

    VI. Dual Mode Engines and Propulsion System Trades
    A. Flight Heritage
    B. Theoretical Performance
    C. Dual Mode Liquid Apogee Engines
    D. Dual Mode Attitude Control System Engine