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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

    Course Materials

    Mathematical Introduction to Integrated Navigation Systems, with Applications



    Course Materials:

    Since course notes will not be distributed onsite, AIAA and your course instructor are highly recommending that you bring your computer with the course notes already downloaded to the course.

    Once you have registered for the course, these course notes are available about two weeks prior to the course event, and are available to you in perpetuity.

    Students will have the opportunity to purchase the recommended textbook “Applied Mathematics in Integrated Navigation Systems”, authored by Robert M. Rogers. The textbook includes software with examples implemented in MATLAB/Simulink ™. This commercially available product provides a graphical user interface that promotes the visualization of 1) the information flow between subsystems and functional elements of a navigation system, and 2) the outputs at various stages in the computational process including the outputs of the navigation filter. These software examples provide the student a direct hands-on experience in the design and evaluation of Kalman filters.

    To realize the full benefit of the course, attendees should have a laptop computer and release 6.0 or later version of MATLAB, including Simulink, software.