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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

    Course Outline

    Six Degrees of Freedom Modeling of Missile and Aircraft Simulations




    Course Outline:

    I. Concepts in Modeling with Tensors
    A. Definitions, the M&S pyramid

    II. Matrices, Vectors, and Tensors
    A. Invariant modeling with tensors
    B. Definition of frames and coordinate systems

    III. Coordinate Systems
    A. Heliocentric, inertial, geographic coordinate systems
    B. Body, wind, flight path coordinate systems

    IV. Kinematics of Flight Mechanics
    A. Rotational time derivative
    B. Euler transformation

    V. Equations of Motion of Aircraft and Missiles
    A. Newton’s translational equations
    B. Euler’s attitude equations

    VI. Aerodynamics of Aircraft and Missiles
    A. Aircraft aerodynamics in body coordinates
    B. Missile aerodynamics in aeroballistic coordinates

    VII. Propulsion
    A. Rocket, turbojet and combined cycle propulsion

    VIII. Autopilots for Aircraft and Missiles
    A. Roll and heading autopilots
    B. Attitude autopilots
    C. Acceleration autopilots

    IX. Seekers for Missiles
    A. Radar and IR sensors

    X. Guidance and Navigation
    A. Line guidance, proportional navigation
    B. Optimal guidance laws

    XI. Full-up Aircraft Simulation in FORTRAN and C++

    XII. Full-up Missile Simulation in FORTRAN and C++