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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

    Course Outline

    Fundamentals and Applications of Modern Flow Control

    Course Outline:

    I. Intro, Concepts, Terminology, History
    A. Course Overview and Perspective on Flow Control
    B. Basic Concepts and Terminology
    C. Historical Perspective and Examples of Flow Control
    D. Prospects and Challenges to be Addressed in this Course

    II. Flow Control Strategies
    A. Defining control objectives in the context of selected applications
    B. Control strategies in terms of receptivity and required control authority
    C. Constraints on Control System Performance (Power, weight, cost, response time)
    D. Choosing a Control Architecture (Passive, Open or Closed Loop)
    E. Selection of Control Algorithm
    F. Actuator Selection and Hardware Considerations
    G. Software Issues and Tools (Generalities to be discussed here, details in the “taxonomy section” )

    III. Taxonomy of Actuators and Sensors
    A. Actuators – Requirement, Types, Characteristics
    B. Sensors to Determine Flow State

    IV. Modeling and Simulation, CFD
    A. The role of CFD in flow control system development
    B. Modeling and Simulation – CFD
    C. Exploration of new control strategies through numerical experiments

    V. Closed-Loop Flow Control
    A. Architectures
    B. Algorithms

    VI. Sample Case

    VII. Air Vehicle Applications
    A. Propulsion System Applications
    B. Fundamentals Recap, Air-Vehicle Applications Intro
    C. Propulsion System Inlet Aperture/Forebody
    D. Propulsion System Inlet Duct
    E. Propulsion System Nozzle
    F. Turbine Engine Apps

    VIII. Airfoil Applications
    A. Fixed-Wing Airfoil Control
    B. Laminar Flow Control/Drag Reduction
    C. Rotary-Wing Vehicle Applications

    IX. Dynamic Flowfield Applications
    A. Noise Suppression
    B. Wake Flow Control
    C. Aero-Optic Flow Control

    X. Beyond Current Aeronautical Applications
    A. Flow control in thermal management applications

    XI. Course Summary/Recap/Discussion