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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

    Course Outline

    Introduction to Non-Deterministic Approaches



    Course Outline:

    I. Probability & Statistics Fundamentals
    A. Theory of Random Variables & Probability Distributions
    B. Statistical Estimation & Distribution Identification


    II. Classical Structural Reliability
    A. Limit State Formulation
    B. Probability Input Space Transformations
    C. Second Moment Methods
    D. Partial Safety Factor Method

    III. Simulation Theory
    A. Monte Carlo
    B. Variance Reduction

    IV. Fast Probability Methods
    A. FORM/SORM & Advanced Mean Value
    B. Advanced Importance and Latin Hypercube Sampling

    V. Surrogate Models
    A. Design of Experiments Fundamentals & Response Surface Methodology

    VI. Reliability-Based Design and Optimization

    VII. Time Dependent Reliability  

    A. Degradation Failure Modes (Fatigue, Creep, Corrosion, Crack Growth)

    VIII. Random Fields  

    A. Probabilistic Finite Element Analysis

    IX. System Reliability
    A. Fault Tree Analysis & Reliability Block Diagrams
    B. Markov Chains

    X. Hybrid Methods
    A. Genetic Algorithms & Simulated Annealing
    B. Petri Nets

    XI. Non-Probabilistic Methods
    A. Interval and Possibility Theory
    B. Fuzzy Sets & Neural Networks