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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

    Course Outline

    NPSS - A Practical Introduction

    Course Outline:

    I. Brief Overview of Preliminary Engine Design: NPSS in Context

    II. What is NPSS?

    III. NPSS’s Aero-Thermo Simulation Environment Attributes

    IV. Object Oriented Modeling

    V. User Interface Via Built-In Programming Language

    VI. Detailed Analysis/Modeling With non-NPSS Code (Zooming)

    VII. User Supplied Code

    VIII. Variety of Engine Simulation Modes

    IX. Distributed Code

    X. How To Construct an NPSS Model – Overview

    XI. Thermodynamic Packages Available

    XII. NPSS Syntax

    XIII. Command Line Options

    XIV. Input File Structure

    XV. NPSS Naming Conventions

    XVI. Input/Output Streams

    XVII. User Functions

    XVIII. Data Viewer Basics

    XIX. Solver Basics

    XX. Editing the Model

    XXI. Interpreted Elements

    XXII. Interactive Execution

    XXIII. Including Other Files

    XXIV. Conditional Processing

    XXV. Transient Modeling

    XXVI. Data Reduction

    XXVII. Working with the Model