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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

    Course Outline

    Optimal Design in Multidisciplinary Systems




    Course Outline:

    I. Overview of MDO Methods
    A. Analysis
    B. Optimization
    C. Strategies

    II. Review of Numerical Methods of Optimization
    A. Gradient and Non-Gradient Based Methods
    B. Methods of Sensitivity Analysis

    III. MDO Solutions Through Decomposition
    A. Hierarchical & Non Hierarchical Methods
    B. Coordination Strategies
    C. Surrogate Modeling
    D. Complex Systems

    IV. Soft Computing Methods
    A. Genetic Algorithms and Other Heuristic Methods for Optimization
    B. Neural Networks/SVM for Function Approximation

    V. Reliability Based Design
    A. Problems Formulations in Presence of Uncertainty
    B. Efficient Solution Strategies for Reliability Based Design