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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

    Course Outline

    Phased Array Beamforming for Aeroacoustics

    Course Outline:

    I. Overview
    A. Objectives of phased array tests
    1. Source location
    2. Acoustic measurements in nonacoustic settings
    3. Source component separation
    4. Far field synthesis from near field data
    B. Sample applications
    C. Airframe noise measurements with wind tunnel models
    D. Beamforming theory
    E. Analysis and presentation of results

    II. Testing and Analysis with Classical Beamforming
    A. Wide band sparse array design
    B. Test setup
    1. Free jet wind tunnels: three-dimensional ray tracing for convection correction
    2. Closed, hardwall wind tunnels
    3. Static engine tests
    C. Conceptual overview of data acquisition
    D. Coordinates and grid generation
    E. Array calibration
    F. Data format
    G. Beamforming
    H. Visualization of results

    III. Advanced Techniques for Special Situations
    A. Cancellation of interference by subspace projection
    B. Suppression of sidelobes
    C. Superresolution and adaptive beamforming
    D. Matched field processing recombination of partially coherent fields
    E. Moving sources