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    Flight Dynamics and Testing Activities

    Flight Dynamics I   Flight_Dynamics_II   Flight_Dynamics_III

    The Atmospheric  Flight Mechanics Technical Committee has partnered with the STEM K-12 Outreach Committee to design classroom activities that represent their technical discipline. Flight Dynamics apply to all types of flying vehicles, so we encourage you and your students to use the additional resources to further explore this topic.

    For more information about the Technical Committee, visit the Atmospheric Flight Mechanics Technical Committee website. To contact a member of the Education Sub-Committee , please e-mail Dr. M. Christopher Cotting.


    1. Grades 5–8: What Are Flight Dynamics and Flying Qualities?
    2. Grades 5–8: What Are Hypersonic Vehicles? What are Reentry Vehicles?
    3. Grades 5–8: What is Flight Testing?
    4. Grades 5–8: What are Unmanned Air Vehicles?