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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

    Nassim Taleb, Best-Selling Author and Art Thompson, Red Bull Stratos are Keynotes for the CASE sessions at AVIATION 2013

    Complex Aerospace Systems Exchange (CASE) tackles some of the most important system development issues facing aerospace chief engineers, program managers, and systems engineers today, such as minimizing cost overruns and delays, and mitigating late test failures. The Exchange begins with a Brainstorming Primer on 12 August.  


    Opening Plenary
    The opening session, moderated by Dr. Wilson Felder, will set the tone for the remainder of the event. The session will provide the opportunity to hear from key thought leaders in the complexity business as well as from successful complex aerospace systems practitioners. A key challenge for the aerospace community is to develop the theoretical underpinnings for systems engineering and this session will allow for discussion and development of those foundational themes.


    Plenary Speakers


    Nassim Taleb   Art Thompson
    Nassim N. Taleb
    Best-Selling Author and Distinguished Professor of Risk Engineering at New York University’s Polytechnic Institute
      Art Thompson
    Technical Project Director, Red Bull Stratos



    Track 1: Complex Systems Development


    Track 2: Integration, Test, and Verification of Complex Systems


    Track 3: Program Management to Achieve Robust and Resilient Systems


    CASE Wrap-up: Taking our Next Steps into a Complex World…