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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

    In Search of the Next Impossible Thing

    Video on AIAA's Credo

    Watch this new video that brings the credo to life!  Or, watch it on AIAA's YouTube channel.



    AIAA is celebrating you, the aerospace professional! We celebrate your unending thirst for knowledge, your tenacity in solving the seemingly unsolvable, and your steadfast commitment to using your skills and knowledge in an endless quest to learn more about the universe we inhabit, while improving life for all of humanity.


    How are we celebrating you? Through an ongoing campaign highlighting the aerospace community’s accomplishments, so that the public knows just how important a role you play in making all our lives better! To see what we mean, watch our new video “In Search of the Next Impossible Thing,” and take a moment to celebrate yourself, your peers, and our global community!


    “In Search of the Next Impossible Thing,” is our new AIAA credo, bringing our essence and work alive in a captivating, engaging, and lyrical way. Our credo is an imaginative expression of who we are, and a creative reminder of why we matter. It’s designed to inspire people both inside and outside AIAA, and remind us all of the reasons for coming together and establishing a collective voice for our profession.


    And after you are finished watching, know that while you continually advance our nation’s aerospace capabilities, AIAA is advancing with you – expanding our content, finding innovative ways to spark the discussions that make progress inevitable, and standing firmly beside you as your life-long link to the community of which you are a proud member. Simply put, we are changing our world in order to better help you change the world!


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