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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

    AIAA Section Award Winners 2012–2013

    Public Policy

    The Public Policy Award is presented for stimulating public awareness of the needs and benefits of aerospace research and development, particularly on the part of government representatives, and for educating section members about the value of public policy activities. The Winners are:

    First Place Winners

    Dominick-TimVery Small: Delaware, Timothy Dominick, public policy officer. The Delaware Section is awarded first place for Public Policy based on their ongoing involvement in public policy events. The Section has provided input to their state Senator on missile defense, NASA reauthorization, and STEM education legislation as it pertains to local constituents. Two of their members participated in Congressional Visits Day and the Section cohosted a town hall meeting with Representative Dr. Andy Harris.



    Ron_ThueSmall: Utah, Jeffrey Boulware, section chair and Ron Thue, public policy officer (pictured). The Utah Section is awarded first place for Public Policy based on their participation in August is for Aerospace where Congressman Jim Matheson spoke about Washington, DC’s perspective of the technology industry (in particular, aerospace) and how it affected Utah. They also sent a member to Congressional Visits Day to present a Utah perspective to the congressional representatives.




    PhotoNotAvailableMedium: Long Island, Frank Hayes, public policy officer. The Long Island Section is awarded first place for Public Policy based on their activities such as cosponsoring the biannual Pilot Safety Seminars presented by the Air Safety Institute/AOPA and sending a team of five to Congressional Visits Day where they had 29 briefings with members of the Senate and the House.





    Tracey_Dodrill Large: Large (tie): Phoenix, Tracey Lou Dodrill, public policy officer. The Phoenix section is awarded first place for Public Policy for their efforts in stimulating awareness of public policy issues through several events, especially their August is for Aerospace panel discussion at Arizona State University, which included not only state and local legislators and AIAA members, but also university students, who were involved in the planning.





    PhotoNotAvailable and Atlanta, Ben Walker, public policy officer. The Atlanta section is awarded first place for Public Policy for holding the Georgia Aerospace Legislative Breakfast, whose theme was “Aero Economics 101: The Dynamic Impact of Aerospace on Georgia,” which attracted 50 industry leaders and over 40 legislators.





    Tom_Hancock Very Large: (tie): Greater Huntsville, Tom Hancock, public policy officer. The Greater Huntsville section is awarded first place for Public Policy based on the creation and implementation of their inaugural civil space symposium, “Civil Space 2013: Accelerating Tomorrow’s Commercial Space Marketplace.” 





    PhotoNotAvailable Rocky Mountain, Pamela Burke, public policy officer.The Rocky Mountain section is awarded first place for Public Policy for their focus on issues affecting Colorado in particular, including their Colorado Space Economy Forum and the revival of Capital Aerospace Day, held to remind statehouse representatives of the key role that the aerospace industry plays in Colorado’s economy.



    Second Place Awards

    Very Small: Sydney, Michael West, section chair. Small: Twin Cities, Lindsay Wagner, public policy officer Medium: Cape Canaveral, Kevin Simmons, public policy officer


    Third Place Awards

    Small: : Savannah, Michael Wolff, public policy officer Medium: Tucson, Elishka Jepson, vice chair, and Jeff Jepson, membership officer.


    Honorable Mention

    Large: Northern Ohio, Amber Abbott, public policy officer and Orange County, Kamal Shweyk, public policy officer. Very Large: Hampton Roads, Lena Little, public policy officer.