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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

    AIAA Section Award Winners 2012–2013

    Harry Staubs Pre-College Outreach

    The Harry Staubs PreCollege Outreach Award is presented to sections that develop and implement an outstanding STEM K–12 outreach program that provides quality educational resources for K–12 teachers in the “STEM” subject areas of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

    First Place Winners

    ToddTreichel_HiResMugPhotoVery Small: First Place: Wisconsin, Todd Treichel, section chair and acting STEM K–12 outreach officer.
    The Wisconsin Section is awarded the first place Harry Staubs award based on their outreach to K-12 students and Educator Associates with an emphasis on Rocket Science, teaching educators how to build rockets and then supporting a team rocket competition for 6th - 8th graders.




    hugonSmall: Savannah, Francois Hugon (pictured) and Craig Willis, STEM K-12 outreach officers
    The Savannah Section is given first place for the Harry Staubs award in recognition of their willingness to help local school develop STEM specific programs as well as 12 visits to local schools (K–12) to represent the aerospace profession, and their leadership in providing tours, engineering support, and materials at local STEM-related events




    Mike_WethingtonMedium: Tucson, Mike Wethington (pictured) and Tia Burley, STEM K–12 outreach officers. The Tucson Section received the first place for the Harry Staubs award based on their continuation of the monthly Kids Club events, which include STEM-related field trips, design challenges, and STEM-related speakers/ discussions,as well as their ongoing recognition of Educator Associates within the section, including a nominationfor the Institute-level Educator Achievement award. along with judges for science fairs.




    Mike_mackowskiLarge: Phoenix, Mike Mackowski, STEM K–12 outreach officer.The Phoenix Section is awarded the first place Harry Staubs award based on their strong contingency of Educator Associates and the continued support the Section provides through training and outreach and the development of a tabletop cardboard wind tunnel with support materials that can be used in schools and as part of event booths, as well as the STEM K–12 outreach activities that were spearheaded and supported by the Section membership.




    PhotoNotAvailableVery Large: Dayton/Cincinnati, Carl Tilmann, STEM K–12 outreach officer. The Dayton-Cincinnati Section is given the first place Harry Staubs award based on their ongoing nurturing of Educator Associates (EA) through multi-day training programs and the K–12 outreach activities within the Section that included technology days, science fairs, design challenges, and the execution of the AIAA Educator Academy Cargo Plane challenge, all leading to a 20% increase in EA membership, 13 section members who were new to participation in section activities, and the involvement of non-AIAA members in aerospace-related learning.



    Second Place Awards

    Very Small: Delaware, Breanne Wooten, STEM K–12 outreach officer
    Small: Northwest Florida, Tucker Hamilton, STEM K-12 outreach officer
    Medium: Central Florida, Morgan Ewen, STEM K–12 outreach officer
    Large: Orange County, Janet Koepke, STEM K–12 outreach officer
    Very Large: Hampton Roads, Karen Berger and Shann Rufer, education and STEM K–12 outreach officers
    and Mid Atlantic, Tom Milnes, STEM K–12 outreach officer.


    Third Place Awards

    Very Small: : China Lake, Randy Drobny, vice chair
    Small: Twin Cities, Christopher Sanden, vice chair
    Medium: Southwest Texas, Joan Labay-Marquez, secretary
    Large: Northern Ohio, Grant Henson, STEM K-outreach officer