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    AIAA and CLOCKSS Partner to Preserve AIAA Publications
    Agreement Safeguards Availability of AIAA Content in Case of Catastrophe

    June 26, 2014 – Reston, Va. – The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) has entered into a partnership with Controlled Lots of Copies Keep Stuff Safe (CLOCKSS) to preserve its publications in case of catastrophe. The agreement guarantees that AIAA publications would be available to researchers and other parties in the event that AIAA’s ability to make the works available is catastrophically impaired.

    “AIAA is excited about this agreement with CLOCKSS as it ensures that the legacy of our members’ work – their publications – will be available to readers around the world in case of an event that would render AIAA’s publications unusable,” said Sandra Magnus, AIAA executive director. “CLOCKSS ensures that the works will endure, and that they will continue to enlighten and inspire future generations of aerospace engineers and scientists for a long time to come.”

    CLOCKSS is an international, global archive governed by librarians and publishers. A geographically and geopolitically distributed network of redundant archive nodes located at 12 major research universities around the world, the archive safeguards members’ content and makes it available to researchers if a predetermined “trigger event” makes it necessary to release the data. Trigger events include: the publisher ceasing business operations, a title no longer being offered by the publisher, an inability of the publisher to make back-issues of publications available, or the catastrophic failure of the publisher’s ability to make content available via electronic means. In the case of a trigger event, CLOCKKS then makes the content available free of charge to researchers and other parties.

    “By archiving with CLOCKSS, AIAA has ensured that the scholarship in their publications will be available for a worldwide audience now and in the future in a manner that secures them for the long-term good of scholars,” said Randy S. Kiefer, executive director of CLOCKSS.


    About AIAA
    AIAA is the largest aerospace professional society in the world, serving a diverse range of more than 35,000 individual members from 80 countries, and 100 corporate members. AIAA members help make the world safer, more connected, more accessible, and more prosperous. For more information, visit, or follow us on Twitter @AIAA.

    About AIAA Publications
    AIAA, as a leading aerospace publisher, has earned an international reputation as the preeminent publisher of cutting-edge aerospace books and journals, and the leading source of aerospace industry archives, dating back to the early 1900s. Over the past eight decades, AIAA and its predecessor organizations have published over 300 books and almost 200,000 technical articles. AIAA’s current publications include seven technical journals, a magazine, three book series, national and international standards documents, a growing number of e-books and other electronic products, and a full-service, interactive Web site. For the most authoritative technical publications, look to AIAA.



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