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    Academic, Literary, and Technical Achievements to be Recognized

    November 10, 2011 – Reston, Va. – The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) will present awards for academic, literary, and technical achievement at a noon luncheon on Tuesday, January 10, 2012, as part of the 50th AIAA Aerospace Sciences Meeting, including the New Horizon Forum and Aerospace Exposition, January 9–12 at the Gaylord Opryland Resort and Conference Center, Nashville, Tenn.

    AIAA President Dr. Brian D. Dailey will present the following awards:

    • The 2012 Faculty Advisor Award will be presented to David C. Fleming, associate professor, aerospace engineering, Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne, Fla., for his tireless efforts, calm personality, and dedication to the profession.
    • The 2012 History Literature Award will be presented to R. Cargill Hall, chief historian, emeritus, National Reconnaissance Office, Washington, D.C., for his manuscript “Ace of Chaos: Frank G. Tinker and the Air War in Spain.” The manuscript is being published under the title “Five Down, No Glory: Frank G. Tinker, Mercenary Air Ace in the Spanish Civil War.”
    • The 2012 Lawrence Sperry Award will be presented to Hamsa Balakrishnan, assistant professor, aeronautics and astronautics, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Mass., for the development and implementation of advanced air traffic management techniques leading to significant environmental improvements.
    • The 2012 Losey Atmospheric Sciences Award will be presented to Alex Feo, head, Experimental Aerodynamics Department (retired), Instituto Nacional de Técnia Aeroespacial (INTA), Madrid, Spain, for exceptional research contributions and international scientific leadership on icing scaling, icing physics, and heavy rain effects on aircraft aerodynamics, and for his development of advanced research facilities.
    • The 2011 AIAA/ASEE John Leland Atwood Award will be presented to E. Glenn Lightsey, professor, aerospace engineering and aerospace mechanics, University of Texas, Austin, Texas, for exemplary leadership in the development of a successful, nationally recognized, hands-on student-led university satellite program, and for contributions to the advancement of the astronautics curriculum incorporating modern laboratory experiences built on a solid orbital mechanics foundation.
    • The 2012 Pendray Aerospace Literature Award will be presented to Robert F. Stengel, professor, mechanical and aerospace engineering, Princeton University, Princeton, N.J., for outstanding, influential contributions to aerospace literature in the areas of flight dynamics, optimal control, and estimation.
    • The 2012 Van Allen Space Environments Award will be presented to Mary Hudson, professor, Department of Physics and Astronomy, Dartmouth College, Hanover, N.H., for significant contribution to our understanding of the space environment of the Van Allen radiation belts and leadership in development of space weather models.
    • The 2011 AIAA Foundation Orville and Wilbur Wright Graduate Awards will be presented to the following graduate students participating in research endeavors as part of their engineering/science graduate studies: Stephen Clark, Duke University, Durham, N.C.; Sertac Karaman, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Mass.; Chandrashekhar Tiwari, The Pennsylvania State University, University Park, Pa.; and Jill Tombasco, University of Colorado, Boulder, Colo.
    • The 2011 Abe M. Zarem Award for Distinguished Achievement will be presented to two graduate students: Evan L. Martin, Baylor University, Waco, Texas, for work in aeronautics; and Kyle A. Godin, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Ark., for work in astronautics.
    • The 2011 Abe M. Zarem Educator Award will be presented to Lesley Wright, assistant professor, Baylor University, Waco, Texas, and Po-Hua Adam Huang, assistant professor, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Ark., to recognize their mentorship and guidance to recipients of the Abe M. Zarem Award for Distinguished Achievement.
    • The 2011 AIAA Section Awards will be presented to section officers who were selected as first place winners for their work in overall section activities, membership, pre-college outreach, public policy, communications, and other activities during the recently concluded section year.

    In addition to these awards, the 2012 AIAA Associate Fellows will be honored in a special evening ceremony on January 9.
    For more information on these awards, or on the AIAA Honors and Awards program, please contact Carol Stewart at or 703.264.7623.


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