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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

    AIAA SPACE 2013

    Videos from AIAA SPACE 2013


    Videos Include

    1. A Conversation with Space Executives
    2. Mars Exploration Program: Exploration and Discovery
    3. The Evolving Landscape of the Space Business
    4. Human Spaceflgiht Progress Report
    5. Space Exploration for Inspiration and Profit
    6. Designing with Operations in Mind: Perspective of Former Astronauts
    7. NASA's Asteroid Redirect Mission
    8. Stimulating Innovation: Societal Imperatives and Commercial Opportunities
    9. The Commercial Leverage Model and Private/Public Partnerships
    10. Aligning Technology Roadmaps to Support Space Goals
    11. Space Debris and Space Operations: The Next 30 Years
    12. The Way Ahead for Space-Based Weather Monitoring
    13. Bringing Space Technology to Market: Effects of U.S. Policies and Practices