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American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

Strategic Plan


The items above in bold are those areas to be prioritized for action.


To fulfill AIAA's vision and mission and live up to the words "Shaping the Future of Aerospace," our strategic imperatives are:


  • to develop and expand our community;
  • to strengthen our existing community; and
  • to deliver exceptional results.


In the coming months you will hear more from the staff, committee and Board members, and from AIAA President Jim Albaugh about the goals and plans being developed to support the strategic plan. There is much important work to be done. However, when this plan is successfully implemented, AIAA should see its membership grow, the demand for its products and services increase, and the benefits of our profession and industry become more fully apparent to the global society at large; or put another way, and as described in AIAA's credo, to support "achievements, from the small but brilliantly simple to the complex missions that alter the course of human existence."

By more effectively communicating and celebrating the achievements of our members, AIAA will not only illustrate the extraordinary value of the aerospace community but will, more importantly, inspire the next generation of aerospace professionals.