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    Victoria C. Nneji Selected as New Student Liaison to AIAA Board of Trustees

    by Lawrence Garrett, AIAA web editor
    15 May 2018

    Victoria-Nneji-200Victoria C. Nneji, an AIAA member since May 2017, and a Robotics researcher at Duke University's Humans & Autonomy Lab in Durham, NC, has been selected as the new Student Liaison to the  AIAA Board of Trustees.  Her term kicked off in early May and runs through May 2020.

    A graduate of Columbia University's School of Engineering & Applied Science, with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Applied Mathematics, Nneji went on to earn her Master of Science Degree in Engineering Management from Duke University in 2015 and is currently working toward her doctorate in Mechanical Engineering-Robotics, also from Duke.

    Following completion of her undergraduate studies, Nneji served in a number of professional roles, including a fellowship as a robotics engineer at Stanford University where she focused on Design Research-Management Science & Engineering (June–August 2015); as an Intern for General Motors Co., working in the Driver Performance Research Engineering - Global Vehicle Safety division (June–August 2017); and most recently, at Duke University as a teaching assistant for the Distributed Robotic Systems and Introduction to Systems Engineering - Mechanical, Electrical, & Computer Engineering, Engineering Management course (September 2015-present); as well as her current role as a researcher of robotics at Duke's Humans and Autonomy Lab.

    Throughout her first year as an AIAA member, Nneji has been active in the Institute. She presented papers at both the 2017 AIAA SciTech Forum and 2017 AIAA AVIATION Forum. A member of the Transformational Flight Program Committee, Nneji has also been an active participant in the Institute's Careers in Aerospace K-12 campaign.

    Nneji has stated that her primary goal as the Student Liaison will be "to bring our needs as students closer to the center of every strategic decision AIAA endeavors." She explained that "AIAA is all about shaping the future of aerospace," that "as students, we are the future," and that in turn, her fellow aerospace engineering students should help "shape AIAA."
    "Whether you are coming up in K-12, going straight through college, and graduate school, starting your post-doc, or taking on a unique approach in returning back to school after years of other experiences, I believe [today's students] are key to AIAA's strategy,” added Nneji.

    If you are a student and have thoughts or suggestions for this group, please email Victoria at